Professional Introducer


What does it mean being an introducer to Trust Matters?

You will work on a self-employed basis, acting as an Introducer to Trust Matters. You will introduce prospective clients to our services.


What kind of person makes a good introducer?

The best introducers are self-motivated, outgoing individuals who genuinely enjoy meeting new people.

If you are already employed, you may wish to act as an Introducer in your current place of work, introducing our products and services to your work colleagues and clients.


Perhaps you would like to add value to your own business service by being able to refer your clients for financial advice?

If you are not an employee, you may still be suitable to act as an Introducer for Trust Matters, if you have a financial services background and / or experience of financial services sales.


What are the financial rewards of being an introducer?
How much you can earn depends on you. You work the hours to suit you, and it is up to you to decide how much effort to put in. It can be a good opportunity to earn some extra money or develop a second income stream.

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