A new and exciting financial solution which is tailored to your circumstances and needs: A flexible trust that not only helps to reduce Inheritance Tax, but also allows you to retain the ability to access your capital.
-  Remove capital from your estate in order to mitigate Inheritance Tax
-  Retain control of and access to your capital 
-  Protection from future generation's bankruptcy and divorce
-  Helps to protect from later life care means testing
-  Flexibility to adapt to changing needs
-  Investment flexibility including the ability to place shares into Trust
-  Control over Trustees and Beneficiaries
-  Gift or loan to beneficiaries for real lifestyle issues e.g. School/university fees
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Will Trust

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The Trust Matters Will Trust is created by an individual's will and comes into effect on the individual's death.
The Trust Matters Will Trust arrangement can apply to individuals and married couples.
-  Protection from the survivors means testing for later life care costs
-  Inheritance Tax saving for future generations
-  Assets free from Inheritance Tax for up to 125 years
-  Control for the surviving spouse
-  Access to assets for the surviving spouse
-  Protection from divorce and creditors
-  Perpetuity clause in the event of the death of all beneficiaries
-  Ability to exclude specific individuals as beneficiaries
-  Flexibility to meet your specific needs
-  Easily managed by the family for the family’s benefit
Discretionary Trusts can have a lifespan of up to 125 years. If, at the end of this period assets remain in the trust and no beneficiaries are alive this clause allows you to specify how these assets should be disposed of as opposed to them becoming the property of the State

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