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When someone dies leaving assets of over £5,000 their family or representatives must apply for 'Probate' in order to gain access to these assets and distribute them in accordance with the deceased will.


The process involves making an inheritance tax return to HMRC and paying any inheritance tax due, finalising tax affairs and pensions, calculating the estate value from the deceased's assets including banks, building societies and investments held, distributing money or gifts due to beneficiaries and preparing accounts for the estate.


Here at Trust Matters we know that at an already stressful time, probate can be difficult and time-consuming. We can guide you through the probate process painlessly and efficiently, without the expensive legal fees.


If a loved one has recently passed we also care for families via our dedicated family funeral service. 


For more information on our family funeral services please visit www.trustmattersfunerals.co.uk


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