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Why you should start thinking about your inheritance tax today and how the right advice can help you

It’s easy to put off making arrangements for your estate, but are you aware of the consequences of waiting? Do you know what can happen to the money you intend to leave to your loved ones? We specialise in inheritance tax planning and helping clients arrange their money to work smartly and efficiently - allowing you to pass on as much of your wealth as possible to your family after you’re gone. We hold regular boardroom briefing events where you can meet with financial advisers to learn exactly how we can help you reduce your inheritance tax and structure your estate in a more tax efficient manner.

We can point you to the best products and investments for your savings

We can work with you to find the best investments and portfolios that will suit your needs. Rearranging your money is a simple and effective way to reduce your liability to inheritance tax.

We spend our lives working hard and saving to ensure we have something to pass on to our loved ones and know they will be taken care of. However, saving money in certain products may not be the best option for you. For example, did you know funds in an ISA could be taxed up to 40pc on death?

Working with one of our financial advisers, you can find ways to make funds tax-free. We will make sure no matter where your money goes that you retain access to and control of your funds.

Helping you find the right answers

At our boardroom briefings, you’re given the chance to meet with industry professionals and seek answers to the questions you need answered when it comes to your liability to inheritance tax. You can learn what products and options we have available to help you save money.

Discover how a will can help

Without a will in place, it can be hard to control what will happen with your assets – and your estate will be left to follow a standard set of guidelines (the laws of intestacy) when it comes to dividing your estate and assets. In this process, there is no regard for personal wishes or circumstances. This makes it highly unlikely that your assets will be divided in the most tax-efficient manner. We can help you avoid this and ensure that you can pass on as much to your family as possible and in the way you specified.

Make sure your family pays no more than they need to

After death, it’s the responsibility of the executor of the estate to pay the inheritance tax within six months. If it’s not paid in this time then HMRC can begin charging interest on the amount and this could end up costing your loved ones a lot more.

For many, the executors will be children or a close friend. Having the right plans in place before this happens can spare them a lot of hassle and worry, during what will be an already difficult time. Our advisers can help you plan for these eventualities and think ahead, solving the issue before it even has a chance to arise and allowing you peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care of everything you can and have eased the load for those you leave behind.

Inheritance tax planning specialists

We specialise in inheritance tax planning. We can help you evaluate your estate, using our online form, without cost or obligation. We can work with you to help you find missed opportunities that could save you and your family a lot of money. Our regular boardroom briefings offer you the chance to arm yourself with the right information and discover why you should start thinking about your inheritance tax sooner, rather than later. To learn more about our regular boardroom briefings or discover how you can benefit from our services call 01727 737610 or email

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